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Voice Lessons

At No Place Like Home Music Lessons (NPLHML), we teach voice lessons for students of all ages, abilities, and in all styles of music. Our school is conveniently located teaching voice lessons near you because we have teachers in many areas and states. We are the best place to go for professional singing lessons on Long Island. Our location in Long Island means we’re also your source for voice lessons in NY and the surrounding boroughs.

Little Girl at her Voice Lesson

In addition to offering the very best in-person voice lessons, we are available anywhere with our online lesson programs. Our virtual instruction options make it easy to find singing classes for adults that fit into your busy schedule.

We pride ourselves on having the very best teachers. All of our teachers are university trained with many being professional performers and, all with lots of experience. We match you up with a voice teacher that is best for you. Your first lesson is a one-time lesson where you and the teacher will meet and learn what you are looking to accomplish.

Our school believes that voice training for singing is never a one size fits all approach. Your teacher will assess and see what you or your child’s learning style is, learn about what kind of music you want to learn, and then design a program that is special and specific to you and your goals.

Boy learning at his voice lesson

All of our teachers are unique and diverse in the repertoire and programs that they can teach. They can include and incorporate all aspects of singing. Improvisation, composition, technique, music theory, and music history are taught to give our vocal students appropriate context and a complete picture of the music that they are studying. Piano lessons can be customized by style preference. This encompasses anything from classical to pop, rock, jazz, and blues.

With any style of singing, good vocal technique is very important. In all styles of vocal music, students will learn how to have proper breath support, increase their projection and range, match pitch, have great tonal quality, and learn how to be comfortable performing while having excellent stage presence.

Vocal training for beginners and other classes are offered in 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute time slots. Lesson length will vary depending upon each student’s age, skill level, and the amount of material they will be practicing each week. For beginner voice students, half-hour lessons are appropriate. Once a piano student has a little more experience behind them, longer sessions will become necessary. The student’s teacher can determine what lesson length is necessary and appropriate based on their professional assessment.

In addition to teaching children, our school also has many adults that take lessons as well. Learning as an adult beginner is a lot of fun and very rewarding. As adults, we have lots of life experience and understand patterns and concepts better than we are children. Because of this, progress can be made much quicker in a lot of instances. You will be playing the music you want to play very quickly which is not only very rewarding but also lots of fun.

Why take Voice Lessons?

Young girl taking voice lessons in blue dress

There are many reasons to take voice lessons. They include gaining confidence as well as learning focus and discipline. In addition to being fun, our instructors can help children explore their competitive side as well. Our students participate in many local and regional competitions. This is all part of your monthly tuition should your child want to participate in these programs.

Unlike a lot of vocal schools, we offer regular recitals as an opportunity to see your child perform. These are a lot of fun and give your child a chance to see other performers their age, make new friends who share a common interest, and listen to new music that they may want to learn themselves. Our recitals are usually limited to 15 performers in each one so they last only around one hour in duration.

For students who are looking to make singing a major life focus themselves, we also offer college audition preparation. Our teachers will help them pick a repertoire that will set them up for success in their audition process. In addition, we offer senior vocal recitals which are recorded and are an excellent thing to present for any online auditions that they may need to do.

Bottom Line: we have a great voice teacher and program for you that promises great progress and great results.

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