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The art of piano playing has been a staple of modern society for hundreds of years. Here at The Academy Piano & Voice, we take the responsibility of passing on that art very seriously. We welcome beginner piano players as well as the most advanced of piano players to take Piano Lessons in your home in Huntington or online with us in the greater Huntington area.

Our piano lessons are taught by university trained teachers who can take a student from their first few songs, to recitals, and all the way to piano competitions or university level piano auditions. Our lessons are offered on either a private or group basis. Whatever your needs, we at The Academy have the tools and resources to meet them and much more.

The first priority in our lesson design is student growth and achievable goals, but students can of course express whether they would like to lean more toward blues, classical, pop, rock or jazz in their piano lessons. Unlike other schools, our school is unique because we offer not only technical lessons but our program encompasses music theory and history along with the standard technique, composition, and improvisation that is usually the bare minimum of what is expected.

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Education is about meeting a student where they are at and helping them build from there. Here at The Academy, we would never treat you or your child as a cookie cutter student, but we would tailor piano lessons for you and yours to meet your unique needs. Our piano teachers are highly trained, experienced educators who, as we’ve mentioned earlier have all graduated from university. Some even have their Masters in childhood education to boot!

It is important that all of our students have something to work toward, a goal to aspire to. Here at The Academy, we offer brief piano performances several times per year so that our students can feel more and more confident in their development, and can show their friends and family how all of their hard work has paid off.

As exciting as performances sound, we don’t want to overwhelm our beginner piano students with hours and hours of lesson time to prepare for them. We believe a 30 minute slot for piano beginners is more than enough, working upward from there depending on how much music the student wants to work on, what age group the student is in, and what level they have reached in their development. Keeping all of this in mind, we offer 30 minute, 45 minute, and hour long lessons. If you’re not sure how long your lessons should be, your piano teacher is the perfect person to ask!

For our very ambitious and dedicated piano learners, we are chomping at the bit to prep you for your competitions such as NYSSMA, ABRSM Royal Academy, National Piano Guild and many other outside competitions. To state it again, this is what we do all the time. It’s what we’re best at. So there isn’t a competition out there that we can’t help you to get in fighting piano shape for. Junior and Senior high school students preparing for university have the option of throwing a private performance showing off their best songs for friends and family, complete with a professional recording for use and submission to anyone, anytime.

As we offer piano lessons to all ages, we also offer piano lessons to all individuals who have physical disabilities as well as special needs. Check out our main piano lessons page to register for piano lessons today! https://theacademypianovoicelessons.com/piano-lessons/ Whether you are looking for piano lessons in your home in Huntington or other nearby towns we always have the right teacher for you.

Just as any handy person will tell you, you can’t do the proper work without the proper tools at your disposal. The same is doubly true for learning on a delicate instrument such as a piano. Learning the piano during lesson time is half the battle – a student must also have a good quality piano to practice with at home in order to grow to their full potential. What constitutes a good piano, you ask?

A good piano, first of all, is professionally tuned. We see so many listings for extremely cheap or “free” pianos on websites like Craigslist. As wonderful as these may seem, remember what Grandma always said: You get what you pay for. These pianos at best have not been tuned. At worst, they are fatally damaged in ways you and probably the giver/seller doesn’t even know about until it’s in your living room and it’s too late.

If you haven’t already, please consider finding a quality piano (or at the very least, a keyboard) at www.frankandcamilles.com. Frank and Camille have been in the piano business for decades, and they are the best you will find here on Long Island. They truly care about their industry, their pianos, and their customers. We swear by them, and in short order, you will too.

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