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Some are born knowing they want to play the piano, and some are inspired somewhere along the way. To tell the truth, it doesn’t matter to us one bit. We’re just happy you’ve arrived here, to The Academy Piano & Voice. Our School provides piano lessons in Commack on site at your home or online anywhere near the greater Commack area. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your first piano lesson, your hundredth, your thousandth, or your hundred thousandth, we are here for you, in your home in the greater Commack area. We welcome students of all ages and abilities, beginner to advanced, as well as those with special needs and physical disabilities. We have a staff of all university trained piano teachers to prepare all our students for an upcoming recital, an audition, a competition, or perhaps a family gathering in a cherished living room.

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We are all about excellence AND convenience, so whether you would like us to come to your home in Commack or have your piano lessons taught online is one hundred percent up to you. In these lessons, our students learn standard technique, improvisation and composition – but since we want our students to be well rounded musicians, we also include music theory and history so that the music can be learned in the proper context. Though this sounds like we have a pre-planned curriculum, we do not consider our students empty vessels to merely fill with technique and information – far from it. We allow for a great deal of choice and autonomy in piano lessons. Our students can, for instance, choose whether they would like to focus on rock, pop, classical, jazz or blues.

Most of our students generally take private, one-on-one piano lessons from age 5 onward. We offer short recitals several times per year (we like to show off!) so that students can flex their musical muscles and have something to build toward while they practice. We’ve seen it a thousand times: with each performance, our students become more confident, more self-assured, and more inspired to take on the next level in their progress. Speaking of progress, we offer piano lessons in 30, 45, and 60 minute time slots. We really only recommend the 30 minute time slot for our beginner students, just to get their feet wet. Most of our lessons are offered in the 45 and 60 minute slots. Feel free to use your instructor as a resource to help guide you toward which time slot is right for you.

If you’re a teenager, you’ve probably been patiently reading for a while now wondering “What about me?” Well, we have plenty for you too young madam or sir. We know the piano competitions and exams you’re probably prepping for: ABRSM Royal Academy? NYSSMA? National Piano Guild? We’re ready for you. We have sent hundreds of students through these piano competitions and exams and they’ve achieved with flying colors. Need some of your stuff professionally recorded? If you’re a Junior or Senior, we’ll throw you a private recital where you can invite anyone you want, and we’ll record it for you to use for university submissions (or anything, really).

Have you ever looked inside of a piano? Have you seen how complicated it is on the inside? A piano, in order to work well and be useful, must be tuned perfectly. The chance of this happening successfully diminishes the older the piano becomes, and it especially won’t work if the piano has been moved several times, has been damaged, or is just a low quality piano to begin with. We’re saying all of this because it’s really important to have a good piano to practice on at home. It’s so important that, if you don’t have it, you might as well not take lessons at all! A student cannot grow to their full potential if their instrument is, for lack of a better term, busted. A quality piano will help you meet your goals, and is a wonderful piece to have around the home. If you don’t have one yet, please consider purchasing one from Frank and Camille’s www.frankandcamilles.com. There are other sellers out there no doubt, but they are the best. They know their stuff, and they truly care about their product. In fact, Frank and Camille’s’ are the only pianos we trust to teach our lessons on. Visit their website and see for yourself – after all, you’ve read this far!

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