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Online Piano Lessons

Online Lessons for Piano

Online Piano Lessons

No Place Like Home Music Lessons (NPLHML) is always available to you anywhere with online lessons. We always offer the most convenient ways for everyone to take piano lessons. Whether our teachers come to you at your home in person or virtually online, it is always fun and comfortable.

In addition to instructing Piano Lessons virtually, our online lessons can be taken anywhere in the country and by anyone outside of our in-home service areas. Our in-home service areas include: Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County

Whatever your life situation is, we are able to change with you. Even if you end up moving from your current location, whether it be down the road, out of state, or even out of the country, you can take us and your teacher with you anywhere!

Just because you take your lessons online, it doesn’t mean you are not able or allowed to participate in our recitals and performances. You can choose to join us and participate in a live recital that is offered in your area or you may choose to play at one virtually. We never charge you additional recital fees or make you purchase tickets to our events. Click here for more information on recitals and events we offer in your area.

Whatever styles of music you are interested in learning we teach them all with our online teachers. Our fantastic teachers instruct classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, Broadway, R&B and more. We even offer lessons in composition and music theory.


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